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pantry clean out

Do you ever wonder if what you have in your pantry is actually helping or hurting your health? Find it hard to understand those ingredient labels or sneaky marketing on packages? Many products contain artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives and hidden sugars that could be sabotaging your health efforts. Let me help you sort through the confusion so you can feel confident in your purchases.

grocery store tour

Everyone tells you to buy organic, shop the perimeter, look for fat free, sugar free, non GMO, etc. But aside from that do you feel lost? There is sooo much to take in while at the grocery store. How many times have you picked up something and stared blankly at the label wondering if you had any idea if it was good or bad? Do you ever wish someone could come with you and help you understand what you are looking at? With this service you can! This piggybacks on the pantry clean out to replace the bad with the good. Let's get you back on track and help you understand exactly what you are putting in your body.

6 month program

Your health his not comprised of JUST the food you eat and energy to exert. And the most beneficial thing you can do to make changes in all the important areas is to have consistent accountability and coaching. For 6 months we will meet for one hour, every 2 weeks, to help to make small but sustainable changes in ALL aspects that affect your health. This is the best way for you to achieve your health goals and make them last. These meetings can be in person, on the phone or even via online video chats. I am also available through email or text between sessions for any concerns you may have.

Why is having a Health Coach Important?

No good athlete got there on his/her own. Becoming really good at anything requires determination. But more importantly it requires help! Good athletes fully utilize their coaches to help keep them accountable, motivated, uplifted and let them know what they may be doing that is holding them back, and how to correct it. That is what a Health Coach does for you and your health. I will be your personal coach to help you understand things you may be doing that are sabotaging your helath goals, and hold you accountable for making changes going forward.

in your corner and always by your side

Every person is as unique as the leaves on a tree and deserves that same approach to their health. Your bio-individuality always needs to be taken into account when working toward health goals. There are over 100 different dietary theories and what works great for one person could have negative effects on another. I help you dig deep to find what really works well for you...without taking shortcuts or offering quick fixes. This is not a diet plan, it is a lifestyle change.

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If you still are wondering what a Health Coach and do for you to help you improve your health, book a one on one consultation and we can talk about it the possibilities!