You know that feeling you get when someone in the medical community sits down with you and really listens to you and your concerns, asks you questions about your life and nutrition, and really makes you feel like they want to help you get to the bottom to fix the problem?? No?? Yeah, I didn't either. I got tired of it and decided to learn more on my own and do something about it. Now, after dealing with all my health issues (which you can read about under the "About Me" tab) by utilizing the knowledge I have gained over the years through both researching the body and furthering my education in Integrative Nutrition & Naturopathic Healing, I am dedicated to giving that attention to those who are suffering like I did. Our bodies were designed to feel amazing and to thrive, yet most of us are struggling to just survive. Many of the chronic symptoms and illnesses we struggle with go much deeper than what traditional doctors lead us to believe, yet correcting the imbalance can actually be pretty simple when you know what you are working with! It is my goal to get to that deeper place that could be causing many of today's most common issues. Just like a tree, we only see what is on the surface. But when there is an issue with the roots, we see it on the surface. Let's get to the roots!