About Me


My Philosophy

I believe that in anything, when we use the right tools, the job can be done much more efficiently and effectively. The same goes where our health is concerned, but many of us are working with cheap tools and often times resort to the ole' slap some duct tape on it approach to it as well. We look for the cheapest option to mask the real problem which only weakens things in other areas, thus causing bigger problems. Then in a desperate attempt to "fix" the problem we go to our local doctor who is supposed to "do no harm" yet, often times breaks out a sledge hammer when simple maneuvering may be all that is really needed. If this analogy confuses you, it all comes down to this. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself from MANY things, but only when given the proper tools and environment to do so. Seek insight from those who have learned what those tools and proper environment are and implement them and you'll see just how great your body was designed to feel.

My Story

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, homeschooling momma, military veteran, soon to be published author and lifetime learner. I became passionate about natural health after being debilitated by 7 different autoimmune illness for over 8 years. Those illnesses, along with my struggle with non-combat related PTSD from living with substance/emotional abuse in my childhood, and physical/emotional abuse in my early adulthood had destroyed my life, my finances, my sense of self and quite nearly my marriage. I lost all faith in doctors because all they wanted to do is give me more prescriptions. I was in my early 30's and already on 13 daily medications just to get through the day! I just wanted to know what was causing all this! About 4 years ago, my husband, with the help of a VA liaison that frequently chatted with him at work, convinced me to go back to the VA to redo my disability claim. I felt guilty going back when there were so many other veterans who had much worse problems than myself, but reluctantly I did. I was shocked that in just a couple months they came back and said they were increasing it to 90%!!! I felt so incredibly thankful because our finances were beyond bad, and we were at the point that we had to accept help from family to help us pay our rent. So, it certainly was a blessing to have the increase. But at the same time I was incredibly sad. I knew how sick I was, but to have an organization like that validate that it was that bad, scared me to death! I did not want to BE sick. I wanted to enjoy life and enjoy my family and be a fun mom. Not just the mom who was sick all the time and sat back and collected disability. I wanted a different life!

So, it was then and there that I decided that I was going to go back to school with some of that money and learn how I could help my body. Even if I could just lessen some of the symptoms to the point that I might not need as many prescriptions, I would be happy! While in school, at the world's largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was fascinated with all the detailed information I was learning from some of the experts I had idolized. Experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Andrea Beaman, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Frank Lipman, Gabrielle Bernstein and so many more. But honestly I was angered too! There are many things that I realized our doctors should be informing us about but are not!!! It's actually really sad when I think about it. Our medical system is severely flawed. Did you know that doctors are not taught about nutrition in medical school? How can we expect to be even remotely healthy if we do not know anything about proper nutrition!?! That was when I realized that I was not only going to use this knowledge to help my body, but take what I learned and be a voice for those who are struggling like I was, praying for answers at night and NEED to know that there is a way to help themselves! I remember laying in bed, crying and thinking, I wish there was someone out there who cared enough to tell me more about what I can do to figure this all out, without relying on more prescriptions and getting nowhere. Well....I AM that person.

Today, I am happy to say that I am symptom free from those illness, off all pharmaceutical drugs and have many tools that I use to constantly work on my mindset and continue to heal from the emotional abuse that has plagued me since childhood. I am not perfect, none of us are... but I am constantly eager to learn more about the body and learn skills to further help myself as well as my clients, which I why this past fall I decided to go back to school again! I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Naturopathy program, and still just as fascinated about everything I am learning and excited to pass it on. I look forward to helping you gain a little more insight to what is effecting your health and give you some hope that you too can take control and have better health if you really want it.

Put a Face to the Name

Hi! I'm Shanna and I am your personal Health Coach, your cheerleader, your accountability coach, your confidant, your ear to listen to your concerns and your voice of reason when you want to give up. I've been where you are. I've felt the frustration, anger and hopelessness that left me depressed and feeling abandoned by the medical system. I want to hear your concerns, your fears and ultimate goals. I will take the time needed to really hear what you need and work to find the ways to get you there. Each client has their own bio-individuality and I tailor my approach to that. Lets work together to get you the results that you have been wanting but never had the guidance to achieve in the past.

Homeschooling Momma

My passion for treating health proactively and naturally spreads much further than that. I have the same beliefs when it comes to my children's education! I love homeschooling because it maintains their sense of self, confidence in their abilities as well as their love of learning.

Shanna Rathbone

Owner of Roots to Wellness


U.S. Navy Veteran

I have a natural desire to be of service. I will forever cherish my time in the military and in many ways wish I was still serving. Now I just serve in a different way and I love that I have to tools to also be able to help fellow veterans with some of their struggles, post enlistment.